The Challenge

The Craft Beer

They needed something to differentiate themselves from their competition

A Quebec microbrewery that makes fine organic beers came to see us for help developing a unique, stand-out 4-pack. They required a design that would stand-out in a crowded marketplace, while showcasing their brand.

Fragility Ease of packaging
We began by exploring possible materials and solutions with the client. Then we tested a prototype using the latest design software on our new and versatile plotting table. The die-cuts were then fabricated using a rotary die-cutter. Our flexibility, which is second to none, allowed us to come up with the perfect solution.

A rustic-looking pack
designed to complement
the client’s product.

The result was a flat-packing case that was easy to assemble and fill. It’s definitely not your average beer case; it’s a style customized to our client’s needs, showcasing the product in an easy-to-carry case. Harwell’s ability to work with start-ups allows us to partner and grow with them.

The Result