The Challenge

The CPU Card

Greener packaging
to satisfy their European clients.

The client, a Quebec designer and manufacturer of computer graphic cards, required greener packaging to satisfy their European clients. Previous designs used convoluted polyurethane foam to safely secure their sensitive and fragile computer cards.

Fragility Environment Price Reusability
Harwell designed a corrugated insert to hold the product securely in place while providing good shock absorption. The air cell surrounding the product tray offers protection against impact which the client required in a pack that does not use foam. We provided prototype samples, at no charge to the client, for testing.

The client not only became "greener" but also saved on price and storage.

The Harwell solution was a design that could either be shipped flat or fully assembled at Harwell’s facility. The outer box and insert are 100% recyclable and can be standardized to be used for various boards. A corrugated insert that is easy to fold keeps the client’s production time down if they do not wish Harwell to provide a fully assembled pack. Our client became "Green" and also saved on price and storage.

The Result